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A Letter from The President

As Li Bai said in his poem:”Glorious is the sunny spring, brightens it everything!”
In this wakening and enlightening season, the Third People's Hospital of Hangzhou ushered in its 65th anniversary. Under the theme of being "grand, simple, happy" celebrate us the birthday of the hospital. On the occasion of this forthcoming event, I would like to express my gratitude to the leaders and friends in different fields for your concerns and supports in the past years. I would also give my respects to the hospital's veteran leaders, experts, and doctors who had contributed over the years to the construction and development of the hospital! And I would as well send my sincere greetings to the entire staff for your contributions to the hospital reform and growth.
In hard work and excellent service as we believe, the 65 years history of the hospital seems an exciting composure of the antecedents as well as a brilliant book of the changes in the modern time. In the short 65 years, the by then "clinic in an alley" has been evolved into a modern hospital, which is "distinctive in its specialties, excellent in its medical services, and cost-effective in its medical fees."
Tens of thousands of patients had recovered from here; thousands of medical professionals studied and graduated from here; hundreds of medical research achievements were fulfilled here! In the short 65 years, the hospital had nurtured the unique spirit of "unity, truth-seeking, innovation and dedication" and the working style of advancing with times, of innovations, and of explorations.
She embodies her persistent pursuits of hard work and self-reliance with her spirit of innovation and exploration; with her people-oriented, humanistic care; and with her truth-seeking, unity, solidarity cultural charms.
Despite the medical limitations, march us forward courageously; despite the boundlessness of service, pursuit us the extreme excellence. The 65 years’ history has become the past, a more brilliant future is opening to us. Let us adhere to the hospital policies in public welfare, and make efforts to promote new health care reform. With the "Hospitals Spirit", let’s work together, share the resources, and forge ahead with innovation to depict a new round of fruitful time!

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